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sixteen. The devil sits over a stone from the black environment of struggling. Less than him are a lady and a person. The two are chained on the rock on the devil. The woman has fruit at the end of her tail. She's bound to the globe of struggling via her attachment to exterior considerations (associations, career, and worldly wealth). She generally needs An increasing number of. The tail of The person is burning. His trouble is anger. He produces suffering via his aggressiveness.

His system forms the posture in the Is-Rune. The previous german word "is" usually means ice and symbolizes the system of meditation. In meditation the thoughts gets to be silent. It is actually like frozen ice.

Slow down your velocity. Deliver a great deal joy into your life, that you can stroll your spiritual path positively. You gain balanced in Pleasure and toughness. Nowadays loads of entertaining is permitted. Accomplishment on the middle path.

forty nine. Queen of Coins. The Queen of Cash sits on her throne in a happy entire world with quite a few flowers. She's clothed using a pink costume. She lives in the all-embracing like. At her ft performs just a little rabbit. During the track record shines the blue mountain of enlightenment.

The person will do his job. But he carries weighty on the bars. His way is tough. The man has to invest loads of drive to realize his purpose. Ten is the volume of completion. About the horizon we see green trees, fertile fields and a few properties. The person is building a satisfied planet.

The activity of the man it is actually to cross the blue river and to get to the land of light. How can The person originate from the land of struggling in the land of sunshine? Only our internal tensions hinder our enlightenment. If we solve the tensions with our spiritual physical exercises, our internal contentment awakes. We have to only observe the exercise routines lengthy enough and successfully. Tensions can sit in the human body and while in the head. We need workouts for the human body (going for walks, yoga, meditation) and exercise routines with the brain (looking at, good imagining). The primary route into The sunshine is these days the exercise.

He sees the struggling of Other people and allows them in his means. The path is tricky to locate since it is darkish. The person felt his way together with his stick. He looks specifically at his circumstance. He listens meticulously at his interior voice of wisdom. read more He avoids the water holes, goes his way versatile ahead and reaches his intention.

The angel retains in his arms two cups. He pours wine with the still left into the ideal cup. Underneath the still left cup, we see yellow lilies. Yellow is the colour of joy. We have to consider the middle street with some self-self-discipline and several enjoyment principle to realize success. To the chest is usually a triangle (like to God the Father, the Son as well as Holy Spirit) and on his forehead an open brow chakra (intuition, interior voice of knowledge). The angel has around his head a golden laurel wreath. He's a winner.

The Greek philosopher Epicurus taught, that we have to limit our worldly wishes, if we don't want to become its victims. We should outline our level of sufficient. We should think about how much for us is essential on exterior points. We should always give it to us. And after that we should locate contentment and Permit no other exterior dreams come up in us. When they crop up, we should get over by beneficial wondering.

40. 4 of Coins. A rich king sits on the stone bench. He has four big cash. A single coin he holds convulsively check here at his coronary heart. The sky along with the earth are gray. The king ordeals his entire world as gray. He's not satisfied with himself and his life. His issue is the fact he doesn´t know how to get contentment. He doesn´t learn how to Stay Fortunately.

Oracle = Go the path of affection. Who life in all-embracing appreciate und does very good to all, harvests a good karma (destiny). What's the abundance in your daily life? What are you able to give to create your fellow men and women joyful?

five. Within a desert a king that has a white beard sits over a throne. Beneath his pink cape, he wears a match of armor. This details to his iron will. He's a learn of himself. He has the power of self-self-discipline. In his remaining hand the king holds a ball. The ball signifies the spiritual aim of a daily life in the light (in God, inside a unity consciousness).

In the world, the useless rise from their graves. They extend out the fingers for the sky. It's the Working day of Judgement. God powerfully awakens the dead to face up and to enter the light.

60. 10 of Cups. Over the blue sky appears a rainbow with ten golden chalices. The individuals in the inexperienced place under the read more rainbow are content. The youngsters dance. A person and a woman are jubilating. They give the impression of being towards the rainbow during the sky. The rainbow is often a image of fortune. It details to good inner or exterior happiness. The rainbow is often a semi-circle of light.

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